Today’s Range Rover is already a legendary SUV. The car, which owes its fame to the British brand. Work on the first prototype of the Range Rover, known as the “100-inch station wagon”, began in 1966. The debut of the production version took place in 1970. The car was even exhibited at the Louvre as an example outstanding modern industrial design. After this, the Range Rover decided to make a symbol of luxury and prestige. Therefore, since 1973, leather upholstery began to enter standard equipment and, since 1979, air conditioning. Initially, the model was produced in a three-door version, but in 1981 the first four-door Range Rover, as well as the first factory model of a limited edition Range Rover In Vogue, came out. A year later, in 1982, he began to install an automatic transmission. All these improvements were necessary to succeed in the US market, where sales began in 1987. The first generation, now called Classic, has been on the transporter for more than 25 years. Range Rover was the first luxury car with all-wheel drive. In 1994, the second generation appeared, known as P38a.

Photo Land Rover Range Rover

It is noteworthy that in the period between 1994 and 1996 both generations of the Range Rover were produced. The second generation car has become larger: greater length and width of the model. The updated elegant appearance was complemented by an extensive list of technical equipment. Inside, high quality and expensive materials are used: high quality leather, natural wood inserts, soft plastic. It has everything you need: climate control with separate settings for the right and left side of the cabin, cruise control, an on-board computer, a high-end audio complex with a CD changer, four airbags, etc. . The individual words deserve cars in the performance of Vogue, Autobiography or Anniversary (it was published in an edition of 500 copies in honor of the 30th anniversary of the production model). These cars have a more elegant finish, the use of multicolored leather on the carcoverkingdom, the wheels and the original body, painted manually in several layers .

Photo Land Rover Range Rover

The Land Rover Range Rover II was offered to choose from one of several power units: 6-cylinder, diesel, 2.5-liter (developed by BMW) and V-shaped, 8-cylinder, 4.0-liter or 4.6-liter. The 4.6-liter engine allowed us to reach a speed of 201 km / h and accelerate the car to 96.5 km / h in 9.3 s, which was the fastest result for the production of the Range Rovers at that time. The adjustable height suspension, which debuted at the end of the Classic’s life, was upgraded for the second-generation model and offered as a standard option to increase driving comfort and off-road performance. The second generation of the Range Rover lasted only 7 years. At the end of 2001, a completely new version of the SUV with a monocoque body appeared, which received the factory designation L322. Range Rover III was a big step forward. Established new benchmarks in the segment of four-wheel drive cars, both in terms of luxury and in terms of opportunities for driving on the road and off road. The creators deliberately retained the silhouette and main characteristics of the parent: cut “nose”, thick rear pillars with a characteristic angle of inclination, tailgate and hood divided horizontally.

Photo Land Rover Range Rover

At the same time, in the Range Rover III there is something futuristic, for example, the metallic “gills” of the engine compartment. Range Rover III has grown in length and height. Despite the widespread use of aluminum (bonnet, front fenders and full doors), the car’s weight increased by 220 kg, making it one of the heaviest cars mass produced. The growth in size has affected, a large amount of metal has been used to protect the passengers (the effectiveness of the measures taken has been brilliantly confirmed in the EuroNCAP crash test series), and a large amount of additional equipment brought your part. New features include a body without stiffer frame (to replace the traditional ladder frame type for SUV) and a fully independent suspension with air springs interconnected. Air suspension allows you to change the slack. Normal and automatically installed at a higher speed, reduced position corresponds to travel on a hard, the top surface is designed to move in a serious routine, and for the convenience of getting into the car with a single movement of the lever switch can do it feels.

Photo Land Rover Range Rover

Salon Range Rover III has nothing to remind the parent with their vinyl seats. Its creators were inspired by the oceanic yachts, from which it adopted the contours of many details, the enormous wooden panels in the decoration and, above all, the elite quality of the handmade ones. There are also no complaints about the space for the five people seated (the rear parts, by the way, can be separated from the front by a glass partition) and the lack of space for the equipment in the trunk. The standard climate control allows you to create three different climate zones in the cabin. In addition to the air, all the seats, a windshield, mirrors and even a leather steering wheel are heated in the cabin. The “large caliber” controls are very intelligible. The comfort of the suspension with the automatically adjustable stiffness varies according to the type of pavement and speed and, on average, is well insulated from potholes. 4.4 liter petrol capacity of 282 hp. The modified V8 of the BMW X5 is surprisingly easy and vividly throws more than two tons of weight along a winding road in turn. Fog lights with bumpers moved to the lower air intake. Range Rover remains one of the most luxurious all-wheel drive cars in the world. On the outside of the model, the aristocracy and the nobility are perfectly manifested. Within the Range Rover it is also transformed. The new high quality leather finishes, which include the covered ceiling, the pillars and the doors, increase the comfort of the cabin to an even higher level. The magnificent interior style is complemented by a high quality matt black finish and natural wood. Passengers from the back seat will see a mix of two images on the screen at once. Inside the Range Rover, everything is at a high level: ornaments, interior accessories, functionality, ergonomics and comfort.

The driver will appreciate the high position of the seat, which provides excellent visibility and comfort. In the Russian market, Range Rover is offered in 4 versions: Vogue, Westminster, Supercharged, Supercharged Westminster. The 2010 Range Rover model received two more powerful gasoline V8 with a displacement of 5.0 liters, in the atmospheric version with a capacity of 375 HP. and in the Supercharged version (with a mechanical compressor) with a capacity of 510 hp, the engine was developed by experts in the Jaguar and Land Rover power units, and from the beginning the design was carried out specifically for the Range Rover model . The LR-V8 engine is much more powerful and more efficient than the previous ones, but at the same time, fuel consumption and emissions have not increased. The fuel consumption in this car, compared to the previous engine, is reduced by 7.3% and CO2 emissions by 7.4%. The car also retained the previous 3.6 V8 turbodiesel with a Common Rail of 272 hp. Since the second half of 2010, this turbodiesel is replaced by a capacity of 4.4 liters of 313 hp. In the new car, advanced technologies are applied that increase the comfort and safety of driving.

The 2010 Range Rover package also includes a range of advanced active safety features, including adaptive cruise control, trailer control, electric braking, dead zone control, automatic intelligent lighting and a circular camera system. The cameras of the new circular vision system facilitate parking, towing and maneuvers off the road. The system consists of five digital cameras that transmit an almost circular image to the touch screen. The cameras come on immediately after starting the engine and can be used at speeds of up to 18 km / h. Image selection and zoom options help when you park in narrow places and when towing a trailer. For more comfortable night driving, the Range Rover headlights are equipped with intelligent lighting. It allows you to automatically turn on the high light when the ambient light level falls below a predetermined value. The system also determines the presence of cars that move back and forth, and in a fraction of a second automatically switches the headlights to low lights so as not to blind other drivers. The changes also affected the infotainment system. The new hard disk navigation system is characterized by an accelerated route calculation, an expanded map coverage and greater reliability.

Land Rover engineers achieved such an enviable result for many off-road manufacturers by using the ingenious placement of an air intake system with inlet channels in the form of labyrinths on the upper ends of the front wings under the hood of a car. With the geometry of the body, everything is in order, depending on the chosen game level, the entrance angle is from 26 to 34.7 degrees and the exit angle is from 24.6 to 29.6 degrees. From any angle of vision, the car looks bright, charismatic and majestic. The exterior designers completely retained the traditional look of previous generations in the image of the modern Range Rover. Classic straight lines, a familiar profile, huge wheel arches, a rear bumper fastened to the bottom for better performance off the road. The contours of the body have softened, and the front of the SUV with the new bumper, grille and optics has something in common with the younger model Evoque. The owners can choose the color of the linings and moldings, from the classic chrome to the color of the main body. The steering wheel, the virtual dashboard, the center console with a color monitor, a separate climate control unit and a minimum set of buttons look impeccable and stylish. The rich basic equipment of an SUV can be supplemented with a number of options, including the 8-inch multimedia screen, the 4-zone climate control, the front seats with massage function and the LED interior lighting . The back door is two pieces.

The door opens with the help of two buttons: when you press the first one located in the hollow on the frame of the plate, the main door of the compartment will open, the lower side will lower after pressing the second one (located in the lower frame) . The reverse process is carried out with a click on the button at the bottom. With a full passenger compartment, the volume of the trunk is 909 liters, when folded with the help of an electric variator (there are buttons on the side of the trunk), the rear row can be increased to 2030 liters. For Land Rover Range Rover 2013, three power units are offered: a 3.0-liter TDV6 turbodiesel with a capacity of 258 hp. (600 Nm), already familiar to the 4.4-liter TDV8 turbodiesel, emitting 339 forces and 700 Nm, as well as the “eight” supercharged 5.0-liter petrol with a return of 510 “horses” (625 Nm). All engines are added along with the 8-speed non-alternative ZF, which provides zero to one hundred acceleration in 7.9 (with V6 diesel), 6.9 (with V8 diesel) and 5.4 (with V8 petrol) seconds. The maximum speed of the SUV reaches 209, 217 and 225 km / h, respectively.


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